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It all started back in 2018...... This may sound like a movie trailer, but one of our East Coast of Canada friends that makes beer, planted the seed on how easy it was to make it. We started off making beer kits and quickly grew the brewery to an all-grain system with a keg fridge.

​Our other buddy from the Rock (Newfoundland) was key for us making the switch to all-grain brewing. We haven't had the opportunity to brew together in the same province but he has been a huge help in our journey of yellow goodness.

Over the years we have developed and used our friends for product development (thank you to our loyal beer friends). We have now grown our brewery to include a nitro setup, 2 kegerators and a customized keg fridge.

The three main ingredients in beer are Water, Hops and Grains. We felt that we needed to use our spent grains for other things instead of throwing them into our green compost bin. Since then we dry all of our spent grains and turn them into flour and create a number of up-cycled tasty items in our the kitchen.

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