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At Cheap Screw Brewery our favourite four letter word is........Beer!
Our passion is to create, make and share our homebrewed beer recipes. All of our recipes are made from all grain, hops and liquid yeast. We don't sell our finished tasty brew.
Kole's Toasted Coconut Brown Ale

Kole's Toasted Coconut Brown Ale is not your typical brown ale, with a hint of toasted coconut and served on Nitrogen. It's sure to please that coconut lover in your household. 


Alc. 5.2% // IBUs 30

Sophie's Raspberry Wheat Ale

Sophie is our furry friend from the Rock, otherwise known as Newfoundland. 

Easy drinking Summer Ale with the tartness of Raspberries, served best with a few frozen raspberries floated on top.


Alc. 5.2% // IBUs 19

image0 (2).jpeg
Sunny's Tropical Golden Ale
Sunny is Kole's best Golden Lab friend.
Inspired by the Aloha Spirit, Sunny's Tropical Golden Ale is a crisp refreshing  Ale with hints of tropical fruit. 

Alc. 5.2% // IBUs 30

Charlie's Cream Ale
Charlie's a pretty Chill pup! Easy going and happy to be around his Dad at all times. Just like the easy drinking Cream Ale named after him.

Alc. 3.3% // IBUs 20

IMG_2161 (2).heic
Maui's Oatmeal Stout
Maui is a Labradoodle that is a beautiful rich dark brown, just like our Oatmeal Stout.

We serve our Oatmeal stout on Nitrogen.


Alc. 6.0% // IBUs 32

Kooper's Toasted Coconut Golden Ale
Kooper was always up for new adventures, loved the water as long as he wasn't in it! 
Inspired by the Aloha Spirit, Kooper's Toasted Coconut Golden Ale is smooth & refreshing, just like the Island trades. 

Alc. 4.8% // IBUs 18

Oskar's Wheat Ale

Oscar loves long walks on the beach, drinking Pina Colada's and digging holes in the sand. Loves to ride the waves on the paddle board and get a little aggressive before bed.

Oscar's Wheat Ale is perfect for the beach on a hot summers day!


Alc. 5% // IBUs 19

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